The New Malton Colossus Wants You!

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The New Malton Colossus Wants You!

Postby Redwave » 03 Dec 2010, 02:36

A short lesson of history:

In the year 2006, a fateful battle was fought at Ackland Mall. For 60 days and nights the forces of the living assaulted the forces of the dead, and drove them out. Afterwords the groups involved decided to stick together and leave Havercroft on a quest to seek out and attack wherever the zombies were thickest. Together they called themselves the New Malton Colossus, and in their ranks were such groups as the Channel 4 News Team, the Malton Rangers, the Cannonball Crew , and Malton's Angels. For the next two years they traveled the city picking fights with the undead and generally being classy and polite fellows to the rest. If you can name a landmark, chances are the Colossus has fought there.

All good things come to an end however, and the alliance fell into decline. When I started playing again recently there were just a handful of Malton Rangers and News Team members remaining. I am trying to fix that, and rebuild the Colossus. This is an invitation to join us in battle. Together we can bring the fight to the zeds in a manner not seen in years.

If you are interested post so here - ... 527&page=1

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Re: The New Malton Colossus Wants You!

Postby Kempy » 06 Dec 2010, 17:31

Hey Redwave, thanks for dropping by, and for the invite too. :)

Unfortunately, DSS is on a bit of a hiatus atm, with only a few of us still around doing our own thing. Soph, Zipo and I have went into the pest control business, mixing it up with those pesky PK'er types. George is reinventing new ways to Escape the mayhem, and of the rest of the gang, only Mad and Brother Juniper, as far as I'm aware, are still out there poking zombies with pointed sticks, so I'm afraid there may not be much, if any, DSS representation to your party, although I'll let the gang answer for themselves, should anyone feel like popping along.

I will wish you the very best of luck however, and who knows, should our paths cross in-game, I'm sure I could pop a shambler or two for old times sake. Muck in like, for the lulz. ^_^
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